Project MinoLab/ MAZER System

Magna Diagnostics coordinates a BMBF-funded R&D project, which focuses on the development of the diagnostic platform for fast diagnosis of sepsis. The diagnostic platform - MAZER system - is composed of two elements: A one-time use disposable “plastic card”, or MinoCard on which the reagents, magnetic nanoparticles and the innovative biochip are located.


The second element is a hand-held analysis device, the MinoLyzer or “reader device”, in which the MinoCard is inserted following application of the patient sample. All diagnostic processes that follow occur fully-automatically through magnetic guidance and the end diagnostic result is displayed on a readout display of the MinoLyzer. With the assistance of the MAZER system, it is possible to detect and quantify simultaneously, as opposed to current typical DNA and protein diagnostic procedures. In contrast to conventional platforms the signal readout occurs fully electrically though the cost-saving analysis device which functions without voluminous optics or time-consuming measurement procedures. The uniqueness of the MAZER system lies in its ability to deliver diagnostic results at the point-of-care that through integration of complex preparation processes on a closed platform and the parallel diagnosis of many biological parameters. [more]


The technology of the MAZER system is based on magnetic particles or “magnetic beads“, whose size is within the nanometre range. These beads are industrially manufactured and can be functionalized through the attachment of biological capturing molecules. The magnetic beads bind to target cells or target molecules and are transported fully automatically from reaction chamber to reaction chamber on the plastic card with magnetic force. At the end of the analysis, a highly sensitive magneto-sensory element makes the final diagnostic determination.

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The core technology of MAZER is protected by numerous patents, which the managing director submitted during his employment with Siemens AG and tenure with the Fraunhofer society. Siemens AG has sold the three relevant patents and granted additional licenses to the parent company of Magna Diagnostics GmbH Bioville GmbH. MAZER is registered as European Union word mark trademark.