Project e-Brains

Magna Diagnostics GmbH participates as an application partner in the international EU Consortium e-Brains "Best-Reliable Ambient Intelligent Nano Sensor Systems". Within this project Magna Diagnostics leads task 3.1. The overall goal of this task is the development of a demonstrator using a small biosensor grain as the core functionality that allows a Point-of-Care (PoC) analysis of pathogens causing serious infectious diseases. Mobile data communication between a disposable testing card and a reader device will be possible.

TMR-CMOS sensor chip (chip and testing equipment by M. Meindl, DMCE/Intel)

Smart Biosensor Grain

The main task within this work package is aimed at the determination of parameters of the biosensor grain and its subsequent integration into the PoC system. The manufacturing process for the small biosensor grain and its integration into the disposable card are currently being developed. Biosensors are a forward-looking tool to be used within the point-of-care (PoC) diagnosis with regards to their possible utilization in nucleic acid and protein analysis. One of the essential aspects to be considered is hereby the biocompatibility of the biosensor grain within the planned PoC system and the necessity to design it without pins or wires with regards to the application field.


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