The overall system fulfils the complex requirements of sensitivity, parallelization, high speed, low energy use and miniaturization. Furthermore, both the analyzer and the test kits can be manufactured at low costs, since most of the necessary components of the overall system can be produced and delivered by suppliers, using standard manufacturing processes. This is true for both, the components of the MinoCards such as sensors and magnetic nano-particles, and for the components of the reader device such as magnets, coils and Peltier elements.

Magna Diagnostics GmbH has recognized this need and is developing the MAZER system - an innovative fully integrated diagnostics platform, which consists of robust plastic cards the size of a credit card and an analyzer, which is smaller and not more expensive than a notebook. MAZER system is specifically conceived for the rapid diagnosis of life-threatening infections such as the sepsis case described above. All reagents necessary for the specific test are present on the plastic cards including the detection modules. The sample (usually patient blood) is taken from the patient with a commercial syringe. The content of the syringe is injected into the plastic card, which is inserted in turn into the analyzer device.

The test will ultimately run fully automatically and the final result is indicated on an integrated screen, and can be printed by an attached printer through the integrated USB interface and then be down loaded onto a computer or alternatively sent through a wireless protocol. The system can be easily utilized in the hospital or by office-based physicians or other health care personnel and the device gives a precise diagnostic result in about one hour after blood withdrawal.

MinoCard (developed in cooperation with microfluidic ChipShop GmbH)